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... no not just Ballet, but dance. I proud myself in learning and knowing a little of other dance styles, Spanish Dance, Indian Dance, Jazz and oh one of my favourites, Contemporary dance. But closest to my heart remains BALLET! Since a little girl I have dreamed of wearing white feathers and tutu’s in Swan lake or wearing the gorgeous gown of Juliet in Romeo & Juliet. I was lucky enough to be part of the Corps de Ballet in Swan Lake with the Cape Town City Ballet and Myrtha in Giselle with the UCT School of Dance.

All the while I was DANCING!!! The only thing that makes sense in an insensible world. Then the unthinkable happened... I did not get work as a dancer! What now?? Where to now?? Like my mother said your only option is to teach. Me... a ballet teacher at 22? NO WAY!!! I could not believe this was my lot in life. Hang up your tutu and pointe shoes you won’t be needing them. Really??? I started teaching teens, and yes, the age that go through puberty and find anything you say as an offense. After that my learning curve with “babies” aged 4-12 started. Oh, how would I Survive this?

Then, O then came adults. I thought to myself, Louina how are these ladies and gents going to take a 22-year-old seriously. But then, magic!!! No one cared. Age, size, ability, technique, nothing mattered. Everyone was there to escape a crazy, mundane, sucky life. It was our sanity in insanity and insanity in sanity. We were and are still a family. We talk, we dance, we exercise, we find courage to face life. All of a sudden, I had a new family, one that cared, one that missed me, one that needed me and I needed even more.

Dance Hub offers an alternative to the gym (and oh, do some of us hate a gym), you get to dress up as a ballerina, since you are one when you join, you work on posture, strength, co-ordination, flexibility and get a good cardio workout all in one. Not only that, it has been scientifically proven that ballet makes you smarter and fights off diseases like Dementia & Alzheimer’s. Why? Because dancing makes you think and burns new neural pathways in the brain. How awesome!

For me as a teacher, I Love teaching and challenging my adults. “If not now, then when?” “Carpe Diem”, Seize the day. You only have one life, do what you have always wanted. Dance and specifically ballet is a UNIVERSAL language. No matter your age, ability, size, we DANCE at Dance Hub. Take the hardest step, START!!! It is worth it!

~ Louina Prinsloo/Morrison

Louina Prinsloo/Morrison Louina Prinsloo/Morrison Photos by Isabel Pieterse

Cornel Smit

Having been a member of Dance Hub since 2013, my experience to date has just been amazing!!  This is my time to relax, dance, have fun and at the same time get some exercise!  Over the years we have been blessed with Louina as teacher – she is inspiring, bubbly, professional and her love for ballet is just magical!  Sometimes we also have the privilege of being exposed to a number of other teachers with different styles which makes the experience at the studio interesting and enjoyable.  Dance Hub is the place that inspires me weekly!

Juan-Mari Rossouw

My Experience Dancing at Dance Hub
I used to do Ballet for years when I was younger, and at first, I was so very scared and shy to start dancing (again) at Dance Hub because I didn't know what to expect. But from the very first day I walked into the studio everyone was so nice, friendly and immediately made me feel at home!

The teachers are AMAZING and always willing to help you if you have any questions about an exercise. Even when you struggle with an exercise they will show you step-by-step on how to master it!

It's not about doing exercises like a Pro Ballerina, but it's all about having fun, laughing and relieving all the stresses of the day! And it even helps with your self-esteem! 

We at Dance Hub are like family, come join our Dance Hub family!!! You will never ever regret it!

Lionel du Rand

I have always been an active individual and after leaving school one falls into the habit of constantly postponing on the little bit of exercises you tend to do in a week. This has left me feeling sad and depressed and mostly I was just irritated with myself.

Ballet was an unknown world to me. I never had any training in my younger days and decided to start at the age of 29. I was intrigued by the form and high level of athleticism; this made me join my first class.

The experience at Dance hub is truly amazing whether you want to do it for fun or if you want to push yourself to the next limit, you will definitely find that the classes and teacher is more than capable of getting you to achieve your personal goals.

After my first day I just kept coming back, and this is the secret, the longer you do ballet the more rewarding it becomes. I have read the following quote and could not agree more, "Ballet is infinitely more difficult and rewarding than I ever imagined".

There is a sense of community in the classes and if you still have doubts or if you are feeling a little insecure then stop thinking about all the "what if's" and just join, this has saved my life in a way and it might just do the same for you.

Nettie Steyn

Dance Hub Experience for an 'old' ballerina.
I started dancing again after 30 years. Louina and all the dancers at Dance Hub made me feel comfortable and confident the moment I set foot into the studio. Not once did I feel that I do not belong or that I have lost my touch or that I am too old to dance again.

All the classes at Dance Hub are presented professionally and with a lot of finesse. Dance Hub, Louina and dancers alike, allowed me to be who I am and have definitely added to the fun and enjoyment I experience at each class I attend.

My sincere thanks go to Louina for her enthusiasm and energy she puts into each class and that she has lightened up my passion for ballet, which I neglected in the last 30 years.

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